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VBALink Emulator LAN Setup

  • VBALink LAN Setup
  • Opening ZIP files
  • Default Emulator Keys
  • Emulator FAQ

    If you have a question that hasn't been answered here go to support forum. Comments about this website can be sent to vbalink website stuff using mail form on our contacts page.
  • VBA Link LAN Multiplayer setup:
  • Download one of the compatible multiplayer gba roms. (No point in emulation if you don't have the games)
  • Download VBA Link emulator. LAN Version binaries if you just want to play.
    (Download source files for modification. If you downloaded the source, you must compile it yourself)
  • Unzip all to a folder like c:\emu\vbalink
VBA Link Emu Help

How to use the singlecomp version?

  • Start two (three, four) VBALink windows at once.
  • In Options > Emulator, uncheck Pause when inactive window
  • If you have changed thesis before Inside VBALink go to Options > Link > Settings. and select "Single Computer"
  • Setup all the things, like controls, save paths & so on
  • If you want to use save files, you must rename them - the save file extension for VBA #1 is .sa1 (e.g. Pokemon Ruby.sa1), for #2 .sa2 etc. (the same is true for savestates - #1 has .sg1 etc.) - another solution is to import them, that works too.

    Note that this guide is written for the VBALink version 1.7.2 and settings have changed a little in v 1.8.0 beta.

How to use the LAN version?

  • Unzip it to a folder like c:\games\vbalink
  • Setup all the things, like controls, save paths & so on
  • Each player opens VBALink and goes to Options > Link > Settings.
    (Open VBALink and push [Ctrl] + [M] on your keyboard to get there without going through the menus.
  • Check "Network"
  • If you want better speed at the cost of slightly less stability, select 'Faster' on the slidebar (recommended for wireless Pokemon)
  • One of you must select Server and click Start
  • The others choose "Client", enter the IP address or name of the server and click Connect
  • When all players are connected, a message box with the text "Connected" will appear.
  • Load GBA game rom and play!

    (When someone closes the emulator, the others will become disconnected.)

Instructions for VBALink 1.72 (version 1.8 has a little different interface)

  • In VBA Link Options > Emulator, uncheck Pause when inactive window.

    vba link pause inactive
    (Don't forget to do this for all 4 emulators you have started. )
  • In options setup all the things, like controls, save paths & so on.

    vbalink configure joypad
    (Go to Options > Joypad > Configure Joypad > 1 and set up the keys you want to use.)
  • Get a friend and repeat the same step on their PC.
  • One of you must start vbaserver.exe and when asked enter type in how many players there are (in this case 2) so type 2, and it will give you a IP that has to be entered on the other PC.

  • Go to Options > Link and press on LAN

    vba link options
  • Turn VBA off and wait for 3 seconds.
  • Go to Options > Link and use the IP you just got in the box, and press CONNECT
    Now do the same for all your friends who will play.
    NOTE: When starting vba server if WinXP FireWall is turned on you will see a warning. Unblock it!

    unbock vba roms
  • Load the same gba rom / game you are gone play in all emulators.
  • Go to link or VS mode and choose Multi Pack (I'm using Advance Wars II in this case)

    NOW you should be playing against each other

How to open ZIP files / Compressed archives

  • In windows XP you can open zip files as if they are directories. If you don't have XP - Download WinZIP
  • Need something better than WinZIP? Can't Open RAR or ARJ files? Download PowerArchiver that has support for ZIP, 7-Zip, CAB, TAR, GZIP, BZIP2, RAR, ACE and many more formats

Default keys (can be edited in the Options menu)

Arrow keys - direction
Z - Button A
X - Button B
A - Button L
S - Button R
Enter - Start
Backspace - Select
Speedup - Space
Capture - F12

You can change the configuration above to use a joystick. Go to
Options ->Joypad ->Configure. menu.

The 1 through 4 joy pads allow you to have different settings which can be
easily switched.

Gameboy Advance Emulator Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is GAMEBOY COLOR rom linking fully supported?
A: Some GBC roms can be linked but do not expect full compatibility. This is the next think worked on after LAN multiplayer support. Good GBC emulator with LAN support TGB Dual (english)

More FAQ in HELP section.

If it is still not clear how to setup vba link connection read this tutorial by GBXemu - VBA Link how to connect

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