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VBALink Emulator Credits

Author and creatorof VBALink - denopqrihg

Thanks go to:

  • Forgotten (the author of VBA)
  • Brother
  • Martin Korth (for GAMETEK)
  • phpbb2
  • Xedecimal
  • Labmaster

Questions / Problems - Support Forum

Before mailing us about Connection setup read VBALink Help and this tutorial by
GBXemu -> VBA Link how to connect
And Guides by Matty:
- VBA Link over internet with a Router.  
- GBA Game Roms on Your Computer.
- Pokemon "Internal Battery Has Run Dry" Fix.
- VBA running too slow ? Speed Tweaks!.

VBA Link Emu Help

Contact GBALink.info website stuff by sending email to -- RomLinker ® VBALink .info
NOTE: Support and GBA Link Help question are addressed in the official Support Forum (link above).
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